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Established in 1963 by Mr Ervin Vidor AM, the TOGA Group is a successful developer of quality residential apartments and a leading hotel operator across Australia, NZ and Europe.

TOGA has an excellent track record of successfully delivering multi-use residential projects which attract new residents and investors to key areas around Sydney, and which capitalise on the existing amenities, as well as encouraging retailers and restaurateurs to invest in the area.

TOGA is the name behind award-winning projects such as the Jones Bay Wharf rejuvenation in Sydney, the Darwin Waterfront Precinct, Bondi Boheme and the Adelaide Treasury building.

The TOGA Group’s experience in building and managing quality property developments is testament to our market insight and capacity to deliver cost-effective quality products.

TFE Hotels Collection – The Toga Group and recent joint venture partner Far East Hospitality have rebranded Toga Hotels to “TFE Hotels” which include:

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Attention to detail, leadership, integrity, innovation, humility, and passion have played a large part in our success over the past 50 years.

Our Services —

TOGA is an integrated holistic Property Developer providing quality services across the following spectrum.

  • Property Development

    Property Development

    There are many interdependent processes, specialist skills and management inputs that feed into any successful property development. For more than 50 years, TOGA has been enhancing and refining its award-winning operations to the point where today it functions as one of the most all-encompassing and experienced property development companies in Australia.

    It often begins with thorough site selection and feasibility analysis. If things progress, acquisition discussions take place. Next comes conceptual planning and design, which often entails liaising and negotiating with authorities, residents and community groups to establish the appropriate development for that context. While this process is occurring the dedicated TOGA team are exploring and selecting the best tailored equity and debt funding structures required to suit a particular project. 

    As the project begins to take shape, selecting and appointing the right development and project management, consulting team and sales and marketing personnel is vital, as the design, documentation and delivery phases proceed. We are constantly mindful of employing the most proven and innovative time-saving construction techniques available. To this end, cost and quality control management are paramount throughout, as we maintain an active and collaborative relationship with the client; all the way to hand over.

  • Design, Construction and Project Management

    Design, Construction and Project Management

    The essence of our success can largely be attributed to TOGA’s in-house team of Development & Construction specialists. No single skill set can excel at the expense of others. Instead, the careful and timely interaction across TOGA’s broad team of professionals throughout the development lifecycle ensures projects consistently meet our exacting standards and clients’ expectations.

    This we achieve by recruiting and retaining the very best in-house array of design managers, project managers, architects, interior designers, and procurement specialists, all working together with our development and construction teams to consistently deliver highly-regarded residential, hotel, commercial and retail projects. 

    An overlay to our practice culture is the strong emphasis placed on design and value management prior to construction, which we undertake through our in-house team and external consultants.

    Additionally, we also provide a wide range of value-add services to external third parties where TFE Hotels is the preferred operations manager. This ensures such projects adhere to TOGA’s stringent quality, design and procedural standards.

  • Sales and Leasing

    Sales and Leasing

    TOGA Sales and Leasing is our newest offering. It came about because we saw a critical need to provide valued clients – be they apartment owners, investors, landlords and tenants – with a fully integrated property service solution that included seamless management and oversight from end-to-end: That being purchase, leasing and property management right through to marketing and property re-sales.

    The ingredients we see as being fundamental to – and absolutely transparent throughout – any successful sales and leasing operation, include:

    • Client Relationship Management
    • Residential Re-Sales
    • Project Sales & Marketing
    • Residential Leasing
    • Property Management

    Click on Enquire to get in contact with our sales team.

  • Commercial & Retail Investment + Asset Management

    Commercial & Retail Investment + Asset Management

    Toga Group invests in and manages a diversified portfolio of commercial, retail, residential and hospitality assets in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.  

    We have a long history of working with major real estate investment groups, either directly managing their assets or as a co-investor through joint ventures, syndicates and managed fund structures.

    Core to our success is a hands-on approach utilising 3 key elements: expert personnel, an innovative culture that embodies strong attention to detail, and integrated teamwork. It’s this combination that ensures optimal investment returns.

  • Hotel Management

    Hotel Management

    TFE Hotels, a joint venture between Far East Hospitality and Toga Group, is one of the largest hospitality management providers in Australia.  

    TFE Hotels opened the first Medina Serviced Apartment in Sydney in 1982 and employs over 1,500 staff. Today, we oversee 70 strategically located hotels across six brands located in Australia, New Zealand and Europe:

    These brands represent over 9,000 apartments and hotel rooms, which vary in price, location and design to meet a range of different accommodation needs.

    TOGA Group's integrated model of developing, managing and investing in hotels is core to its business model. This unique perspective is best demonstrated in TFE Hotels' market leading performance. 

    TFE Hotels is always on the lookout for quality operators, sites and potential hospitality partners. If you have any development opportunities you would like to discuss in strict confidence:

    Contact Michael Herman
    45 Jones Street Ultimo, NSW 2007
    +61 (0)419 254 285

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    TOGA has a long-standing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The heart of our organisation is reflected in the priorities that we passionately stand behind. As an active contributor to housing supply, TOGA is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate as well as contributing to housing in a dynamic and inclusive way. We believe that every individual deserves a home, a reasonable quality of life and support when it is needed.

    That’s why our focus is firmly upon making a meaningful difference to youth homelessness and supporting opportunities that enable vulnerable young people to turn their lives around. A staggering 43 per cent of Australia's homeless population is under 25 years old, and in NSW, young people hold less than 2 per cent of the 140,000 social housing tenancies. These are the issues that define our CSR commitment.

    At TOGA we regard CSR as ‘business critical.’ So, in 2017, we launched The Addison Project: Australia’s first pop-up youth shelter. The initiative was borne after we made available a vacant 42-room hotel at no cost for at least 12 months. Today, this homelessness response has put a roof over the heads’ of many vulnerable young people.

    Year-on-year we continue to engage in hands-on philanthropic activities aligned with our focus on youth homelessness. Homelessness comes at a high social and economic cost to society, which is why prevention is so vital.

    Our principles and values dictate what action we take. We empower our employees to have a strong moral conscience, to take action and to volunteer to strengthen our communities.