Buying off the plan

Purchasing property can be among the major and daunting decisions in a lifetime, but surrounding yourself with the right expertise and resources can put you a step ahead.

How it works

Select the right property
Step 1
Start by compiling a shortlist of the most important features you want in your home - this might include a certain brand of appliances, cabinetry and wall colours and finishes, security or access to common area facilities such as BBQ's, pools and parks or open landscape.
Reserve your apartment
Step 2
Securing your property with TOGA is easy! Fill out a sales advice form with your TOGA Project Sales Executive. The Sales Advice provides authority to request a contract sent to your solicitor/conveyancer. It includes the apartment of your choice, optional upgrades and solicitors details.
Organise the paperwork
Step 3
Purchasing a property requires the completion of a significant amount of legal paperwork. This is where a solicitor comes in handy - they will assist with the legal processes involved in transferring your property from TOGA to you, otherwise known as conveyancing.
Sign & exchange your contract
Step 4
The exchange of a written contract between yourself and the seller is a major step in the process of buying your first property. Here we look at how this process typically unfolds.
Your property is being built!
Step 5
Now that you've secured your property, the hard part will be having to wait for it to be built. Depending on the size of the development, the time when construction commences and completes can vary. However, your TOGA Project Sales Executive and TOGA Customer Care Manager will update you on these timings throughout the build process.
Pre-settlement inspection
Step 6
When purchasing a property off the plan, this carries added importance as you may not have been able to physically inspect the property when signing the contract. As such, it is recommended that you complete the inspection as close to the settlement date as possible.
Step 7
Settlement is when you finally take legal possession of your property – the exact date is agreed between you and the seller in your contract of sale. On settlement day, your conveyancer or solicitor usually manages the legal and administrative tasks to ensure you are ready to take possession at the agreed time.

Benefits of buying off the plan

Greater choice

You get the chance to pick the best apartments. If you wait until construction has finished, only the leftovers will be available.

Lock in today's price

Buying off the plan allows you to buy at today’s price. In a rising market, this can mean you own a property worth more than you paid for it by the time the deal settles after construction.

More time to save

Buying off the plan is one of the easiest ways to get into the property market. You only need a 10% deposit today - pay the balance of the purchase price at settlement.