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TOGA Procure is a division of TOGA Group. TOGA has over 50+ years of experience in managing the sourcing, procurement, manufacture, logistics and installation of FFE for TOGA owned projects as well as for other independent owners, making us one of the most experienced FFE suppliers in Australia.

Why choose us?

FFE specialists

Having delivered over 215 projects, we know what works, what doesn’t and how to balance design aesthetics versus operational demands.

Solution focused

We assist owners with solutions that provide a commercial outcome, whilst still achieving the design intent.

FFE services

We can guide your designers to ensure the FFE will stand up to wear-and-tear, to avoid spending on replacements.

Supply chain

We have a large supplier base both locally and overseas and supply everything from one-off pieces to large quantities for new Projects or Refurbishments.

Value for money

We approach procurement with an owner’s mentality, with the objective to deliver competitively priced FFE of the right quality.

Peace of mind

We assist with tying up loose ends which can be painful and time consuming. This ensures an appropriate and timely handover to the client.

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