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Created by Equifax, iCIRT is an Independent Construction Industry Rating Tool to assess development and construction professionals and their projects. This digital rating tool is a new initiative driven by the NSW Building Commissioner to improve transparency within the building industry.

iCIRT gives development and construction professionals a rating between one and five stars to help identify building professionals with a proven track record. These professionals undergo an independent rigorous review process that analyses the company’s data along with the quality of their developments across six core categories:


1. Character
2. Capability
3. Conduct
4. Capacity
5. Capital
6. Counterparties


Information from a company is gathered from thousands of data points and then reviewed across these 6 categories to form an iCIRT rating, including developer’s credit rating, building performance, license checks, trading partners and industry awards.


The more stars, the more confidence purchasers and consumers can have that the developer or builder will deliver a high quality and reliable apartment that will stand the test of time. Providing confidence for purchasers when evaluating whether to buy an apartment.


Alongside the building professional’s iCIRT rating will be a gold, silver or bronze star indicator. This indicates the degree of information the developer or construction professional provided to Equifax. Limited consent will be flagged as ‘Bronze’, while full consent will be ‘Gold’.


TOGA has been awarded a 4.5 Gold Star iCIRT rating.

Purchasers and consumers are at the heart of iCIRT. The iCIRT 5-star rating system provides more transparency than ever before and will help consumers easily identify TOGA as a trusted professional with a proven track record, supported by evidence of capability to deliver buildings that TOGA’s customers can trust. The public register of iCIRT-rated construction professionals highlights TOGA as a reliable, trusted and quality player and differentiates TOGA from high-risk operators.


The star rating system marks a new era of transparency for buyers of off-the-plan new apartments and will instill even more confidence in current and future TOGA customers. With 60 years’ of experience delivering quality apartments, TOGA’s 4.5 Gold Star iCIRT rating, is just another indication of the highest standards of development, design and integrity we will continue to deliver.

For TOGA, iCIRT doesn’t change much about how we go about our business.


As a fully integrated property developer and builder, TOGA will be able to use our 4.5 iCIRT Gold Star rating as a valuable tool to help improve and build supply chain resilience. Similar to purchasers, the data-driven insights from iCIRT along with the star-ratings will help TOGA identify and select top-rated professionals to work with. TOGA’s 4.5 Gold Star iCIRT rating will be affected if we routinely work with lower-rated businesses. Our Gold Star rating is a testament to TOGA’s reputation as one of Australia’s most experienced and trusted development and building professionals in the industry, with each project setting new benchmarks for quality.

The iCIRT brings much needed transparency and visibility to the construction industry. It is important for purchasers to be able to find and assess developers and builders in order to deem them trustworthy and reduce the risk in decision making.


This improved visibility forms part of the NSW Government’s multi-pillar reform program to restore confidence in the residential building sector for purchasers, consumers and the wider community.

ICIRT is completely voluntary at present but may become mandatory in the future. Currently, iCIRT rates builders, developers and certifiers of class 2 buildings (residential apartment buildings).
Backed by the NSW Government, iCIRT star ratings are compiled by global data, analytics and regulated ratings agency, Equifax. Equifax pulls information about development and building professionals from thousands of data points to understand key aspects of a developer or builder and their projects.
Yes, iCIRT star ratings are an annual assessment.

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