How display suites build a case for property

We live in an era where the real and the virtual often merge, especially when it comes to selling property. Sophisticated CGI is used to market projects that are mere holes in the ground, seducing us with depictions of how they might eventually look.

A step between CGI and the end product is the traditional display suite, which can be a good means of showing the decorative and lifestyle potential of a space, while also providing touch, feel and atmosphere.

One of the most successful display suites I’ve seen was created by interior design practice Richards Stanisich for Wicks Place, a development by TOGA Group in Sydney’s Marrickville. “We were interested in creating an apartment interior which felt relaxed, earthy and accessible,” says director Kirsten Stanisich.

Using terracotta as a base, they worked with a tight colour palette to create the sense of refinement their property developer client was after. While fairly uniform tonally, a number of different materials have been used, each with a distinctive texture.

“We sourced materials made with minimal processing, like the linen on the sofa, the wool and sisal rugs, and the terracotta side table and vessels,” she says.

The pièce de résistance is a framed photograph by Terence W. “Because the materials represented within the image and the real-life materials around it are the same, it works a little like a giant mirror or portal, which could magically transport you to another place.”

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